Marketing Yourself as a Hairstylist

Online and digital salon marketing is a trend that is becoming increasingly hard to ignore in our increasingly digital and globally connected society. Digital marketing, however, can be a tricky topic to cover and tackle regardless of the industry. Below are some tips if you are looking to digitalize your salon or yourself as a hair stylist:

1. Who are YOU?

A strong brand is extremely important and a strong brand comes with consistency. This means that you must build and maintain a constant look and message. A brand is devised from the message, the imagery, and the overall feel. People need to know WHO you are. This means also a consistent portrayal of your image, messages, services, etc. across all marketing channels, both on and offline.

SEO can help with this cross channel consistency. SEO is a great way to get noticed across a wide client basis and helps promote your web presence; from website to social media outlets. You may want to click here to learn about ways that you can start a successful SEO campaign.

2. Marketing Channels and Outlets

Make sure you choose wisely when deciding where to promote yourself and your brand. Just because someone uses Twitter to promote a product, doesn’t mean you should too. Facebook is an outlet that hair stylists may find helpful for a number of reasons; it is interactive and allows you close communication and interaction with clients both old and new, it also allows you to create frequent posts and visual displays of your products and offering.

Other outlets include blogs, twitter, websites and third party platforms. Understanding how these platforms work and what they can accommodate and do is important to leverage their benefits.

4. PROFESSIONALISM is everything

Make sure you have the resources to manage ALL of your online marketing platforms. If your Facebook is a disorganized online collage of pictures and posts, it becomes ineffective in reaching existing and potential clients.