Salon Security

Though security may be the farthest thing in your mind when it comes to being a hairstylist and working in or owning your own salon, perhaps it is something that everyone needs to pay more attention to. Consider the reasons why your salon might be an easy target for burglary or a security breach:

  • Ease of Access; There is often little to no barriers to entry, especially in comparison to other businesses.
  • The demographic; Salons historically cater to women who may be deemed easier targets than male patrons.
  • Cash-intensive; In relation to the limited barriers, salons are often cash heavy business. People often pay, if not tip in cash at salons, making them full of cash, more so than other businesses.
  • Limited Security; because it is not always viewed as an “at risk” industry (like a bank or a liquor store), security measures may be limited.
  • Online breaches; There are lots of opportunities to access people’s personal information and data, especially with increasing use of online marketing as well as customer service software. Client data is stored and often kept, but is it protected?

What Can You Do?

Some protection measures to consider in terms of salon security include:

  • Online Security: Client data and online information is information that is crucial to the success of your business and the trust and loyalty of your clients. Organizations such as can help your salon ensure that online data is secure and can make online security hassle free.
  • Advanced Security Systems; alarms, codes, and any other means necessary to protect the physical premises. Less is not more when it comes to the safety and security of your salon
  • Frequent Bank Deposits; keep a fair float but take your cash to the bank at LEAST once a day to mitigate the risk of burglary