Things your Hair Dresser Wish You Knew

There are a few things that your hair stylist wishes that you knew when you walk in and out of the salon;

1) Being Late;

Being late for appointments, meetings, and commitments is generally frowned upon and is considered rude. Your hair appointment is no exception. You should aim to be on time, if not a few minutes early. If you are running late, try not to be more than 15 minutes late as you have to bear in mind that time is literally money for hairdressers and stylists. In addition, if traffic has you unexpectedly stuck, try and be courteous and call to let your hair dresser know.

2) Less is More with Conversation

The time you spend in the chair can become much for pleasant for both the client and the hairdresser if conversation flows. Conversation is one thing; chatting about the weather, the news and SOME personal conversation can be great but beware of the concept of ‘too much information’. Conversation can go from friendly banter to uncomfortable very quickly if you present too much information.

3)Talking on the Phone is a ‘no-no’

If your phone is up to your ear, it is almost guaranteed to get in the way of your haircut. If you are expecting an important call that can’t wait, let the stylist know at the beginning, and set those expectations. Remember that beyond your phone interfering, it is rude to talk on the phone around your friends, family, boss, waitress and most definitely your hairdresser.

4) Tipping

Tipping is based on experience. Though as a general rule of thumb, 15-20% is a fair tip if you have enjoyed the service, experience and of course the haircut. If you are unsatisfied, it is not rude not to tip, it is fully based on your experience but give the hairdresser the chance to redeem themselves next time.