Wedding Hair- The In’s and Out’s

When it comes to your big day, every detail is important, especially to you. When it comes to your hair, no one knows your hair better than you! From a stylist’s point of view, consider the below tips that will help you as a stylist and/or as a client:

Be Prepared!

Set up a meeting with a stylist to have an open conversation about what you want, what they have in terms of a vision. Pictures definitely speak 1000 words in this setting; bring pictures, look at pictures, create a visual description of the ideal outcome.

Pro Tip: Wear white! not your dress, but maybe a white shirt or sweater so the look can be fully appreciated and conceptualized.

Snap Pictures-a LOT of Pictures

Lots of photos from LOTS of angles will help you see the entire look during, and after. It will help you and your stylist remember, it will also help analyze what is liked and what could use some tweaking. These pictures also offer the bride the opportunity to consult friends and family and get feedback from other sources before the big day.

Create a Bond

As a stylist or as the bride, understand what you expect from the other. Do you need a stylist to come to you? Are you willing to move and/or go to the bride?

Timing is everything

Keep track of how long the ‘do takes. Give yourself lots of time as both the bride and stylist, this will help keep everyone involved calm and collected and avoid unnecessary stress.

The Day of

Make sure the bride wears a button down shirt, that her hair is clean or dirty or whatever is needed. Make sure the stylist has or brings everything that is needed. Ensure everyone is prepared and sets their expectations, etc to avoid any and all disasters.